Monday, December 17, 2012

Star Fruit - Great in Salads

Star Fruit is a sweet and tasty fruit from Southeast Asia but grows in Florida. I got interested in it last year on a visit and this year I noticed a tree growing in a neighbors yard and I knocked on her door and introduced myself. Seems her Star Fruit Tree gives her bushels and bushels of fruit 4 times a year and is extremely prolific. She was overjoyed to share her bounty with me and I filled a big bag in no time at all. Turns out we had a lot in common and she even invited me to her Quilting Club and offered to lend me her sewing machine!! So you just never know whats going to happen when you see a Star Fruit Tree growing in someones yard and you decide to knock.
 You must have guessed that I am now in Florida this winter and it's true that I am, here with the Star Fruit!!
 Makes a great snack and is apparently only 30 calories per fruit! I cut some up in a bowl for a snack this afternoon and it was delicious!
When you cut it up it looks really beautiful! Even the seeds are delicious! I have done two things with Star Fruit. Put them in salads and also dehydrate them in my Excelsior Dehydrator. I want to try juicing them because I now have a wonderful source for them. Delightful!