Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Favorite Portobello Mushroom Appetizers - Great for the Holidays - Everyone asks for the Recipe!

A Platter of Portobello Mushroom Appetizers

I cut slices of French bread
and lay on cookie sheets to toast one side
I start my Portobello Mush room Appetizers by making my Easy French Bread. You can buy French Bread at the Store with good success as well but when you make it with my bread, it comes out super amazing and people get this really far away look in their eyes when they eat this, like it is the best thing they ever ate.  One time a man at a party ate one bite and said to my husband; "your wife made these?" and he got this "gaze in his eyes" and said: "You better keep her".  I will often bring these to parties because I can make it up ahead of time and its a wonderful appetizer with drinks.  I get questioned rather intensely about what is in them and how you make them, so after a bout of bringing them around this past Thanksgiving weekend, I am breaking down and posting them on this blog so I can just direct people here to find the recipe.
I toast one side of the bread slices in my broiler and then I turn over and butter the other side with Cream Cheese. You can use a low fat version and it works just fine.
I toast One side of my French Bread Slices

I saute slices Portobello Mushrooms in butter in a cast iron pan.
For two cookie sheets of french bread rounds (11/2-2 Frech breads) I used 1 stick of butter,  2 thinly sliced large Portobello Mushrooms
After the Portobello Mushrooms are cooked,
I add about 3/4 c. brown sugar, salt and pepper to taste
After the Mushrooms are cooked, I put a piece on top of each french bread round which has been buttered with cream cheese. I drizzle a bit of the brown sugar and butter sauce over each round.

At this point, I cover the appetizers to take to the party or use for later. These particular appetizers are chilling outside on my porch on Thanksgiving Morning as I did not have room in my refrigerator. Once you get to the party or your ready to serve them at home. I place them under a broiler for a few minutes to get bubbly and brown the top a bit. Serve right away with cocktail napkins. People devour them so I always bring extras.
Plate of Portobello Mushroom Appetizers after being broiled and ready to serve on a platter. Delicious!!


11/2 - loaves French Bread, you can use commercial brands or make your own. My recipes:

2-3 large sliced portobello mushroon
1 container or package low fat cream cheese or regular cream cheese, both work well
1 stick butter
3/4 c. brown sugar
salt and pepper to taste

I use 2 covered with aluminum foil cookie sheets for transport and broiling the appetizers just before serving.

Instructions: Slice the french bread and toast on one side, turn over and butter with cream cheese liberally. Saute mushrooms in butter and then top with brown sugar, salt, and pepper after they have cooked a bit. Place a mushroom slice on each round and drizzle with brown sugar butter sauce. When you are ready to serve place under the broiler for a few minutes and serve on a pretty platter with cocktail napkins.
I hope you enjoy making these as much as I enjoy them. They are the perfect thing to bring just about anywhere. Everyone asks me to bring them and I can make them up in advance and so there is little muss of fuss, except to heat them up by putting them under a broiler for a few minutes. Once I went to a Christmas Party with them and the host put them in the oven when I wasn't looking and burnt them. Everyone ate them anyway!!

Happy Holiday Season,