Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Food Bloggers! Local Food Bloggers otherwise known as "Gloucester Glitterati" get together for another evening of Networking!

Tonights Gloucester Glitterati Meeting 
was hosted by Seaport Grille! Local Food Bloggers meet and talk Blogging, Cookbooks, Recipes, Social Networking Tips and Tricks, Video, Ideas, and Experiences! A fun night!

From left ot right:
 Jennifer Goulart Amero of www.90secondsandvelvet.blogspot.com

Melissa Abbott of www.gloucestergourmet.com 

 Pati Pawlak producer of Google + Open Kitchen program https://plus.google.com/103912900128614823947/posts

 Heather Atwood Columnist for Gloucester Times and www.heatheratwood.com 

Emily Roach from www.randomrecycling.com 

Seafood Pizza Appetizer!

Fresh Swordfish!

Chicken Piccata

Lobster Mac and Cheese

House Specialty Seafood Scui Scui

I really enjoy getting together with chefs, food bloggers, restaurant owners, Idea people, interesting and interested people and I can't think of a better set of people to spend an evening with discussing our blogs, social networking platforms, networking, writing, food, wine, ideas, books, and experiences. Everyone brings a different view to the table and over laughs and wine we discussed Polish Cooking, Prune Cookies, Cooking in Seawater, Writing Cookbooks, Corporate Sponsors, Seafood, Gloucester, Fresh Fish, Documenting our Process, Seawater and Rum, living in Gloucester, Google+ Open Kitchen, Food Demonstations, and living and working in beautiful Gloucester, MA. 

Thanks to Sheree DeLorenzo for her special care and love and for everyone making the extra special effort to come out on a rainy Tues Night to get together with each other. We missed Laurie Lufkin who was planning on coming and sick with the flu. She was going to tell us all about her Las Vegas adventures in the Recipe Contest World.

Everyone brought a unique perspective to their blogging adventures and it is such an education to learn what others are doing with various platforms, events, and ideas. 

Thanks to Everyone for coming and for being my friend. I really love you all and enjoyed every minute tonight!

Blessings All,